Hardware calculation

Hello !

I want to ask about hardware requirements, when we start project we need to choose server (Processor, RAM etc. .
How to specify hardware configuration ? What can we base on ? IO tags count ? Client count ?

There isn’t any good formula to use, as Ignition is so flexible and so configurable that simple multipliers on I/O or clients or similar factors just don’t work. I recommend new users set up VMs and run Ignition in trial mode while recording (with Ignition history) memory and CPU usage statistics. Reconfigure the VM with more CPUs or more RAM as you add functionality to your trial project with the I/O count and functionality you need.
While the initial RAM requirements are somewhat high (I wouldn’t deploy a bare-metal server with less than 8G), it scales pretty smoothly. I suspect you’ll be pleasantly surprised how light a load it is compared to other products.

What Phil said, although hardware is so cheap and Ignition is so quick to install I prefer to use actual hardware rather than VMs. It’s easy to test on a cheap box and upgrade if you see any issues. My minimum specs are:

  • a dual core processor
  • 8GB of RAM
  • 240GB SSD

which you can get for less than $250, especially if you can use Linux.