Hardware for Ignition

I’ve got a project I’m thinking of using Ignition on and I would like to install it on a small touchpanel, say 6 to 7 inches. Does anyone have any products that they would recommend?


I used this one on a project awhile back and had good results.

advantech.com/products/PPC-L … 6F62A.aspx

You can have a look at beckhoff.fr/
IPC / Industrial PC/ Panel PCs

PC + PLC + Screen all embedded !

I Had been using Advantech 6" monitors with a separate ‘nettop’ PC, but they’re not available anymore.

But on the bright side, I found their 10" monitors for $375.00 US. If you have the space, it may be a viable option, and ger a little more real estate.

For lower-end apps (Basically OPC server-only) I use these Foxconn units. They’ve worked well for me aside from a couple of CMOS batteries. My review can also be found at that link.

For a bit higher-end, I’d really like to try one of these Shuttle units. Put up to 16GB RAM, two SATA connections-- I’ll stop here, because I’m starting to drool…

BTW, welcome to the forum!

That 10" looks nice, I think I’ll see if I can make room for it and give it a try.


Another question, what OS do you usually run on these?

Mostly XP and Win7 for me, but I have a couple Ubuntu installs as well.

Some would say I’m indecisive, but I like to call it ‘equal opportunity’… :laughing:

Yes, that was what I was noticing, looks like it will run on about anything