Hardware Recommendations

Any recommended hardware for a Maker gateway? I was thinking a RPi 4 8gb, but Im not sure it has enough horsepower. What is everyone else using?

@dkhayes117, it is largely dependent on what you are aiming to do with it :slight_smile: you can certainly run a Gateway with a lot less power than that (a few people here have had them running on 3B’s etc.). With a 4B 8GB you might be able to run a small factory in your house :laughing:

I’m running mine off of a cheap Intel NUC with 8GB that I had gathering dust (it is not just an Ignition Gateway, so needed a little more resources). My main client is running in my kitchen, which is a Pi 4B with 4GB (I found the 3B a little laggy when using dashboard components etc. but it still worked fine). This setup is more than enough for what I require and will be for the near future.

Hope that gives an indication, but if you want a more accurate gauge you will have to let us know what you plan to do with it.

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I’m not sure of what all I plan on doing with it yet, but I want room to grow. I will be running the MQTT modules from Cirrus Link, a database connection (Maria), and with Ubuntu most likely. Looks like I will probably go with a mini pc for the gateway, plus I have a RPi 4 (1gb) that I can use as a dedicated client. Appreciate the advise.

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No worries. It sounds like you’ll be running a similar setup to me. I’m largely using MQTT to connect to Shelly devices for automation around the home. Although I’m hooked up to MSSQL as that is what I am familiar with and have running for other applications.

Keep us informed on how you get on. I’m always interested in different setups and how it can be applied to my own circumstances.

Will do!

I ended up going with a Compulab Fitlet2 with 8gb ram and 128gb m.2 SSD. I almost went with a System76 Meerkat, but it would’ve been almost twice as much.

fitlet2 – fit IoT (fit-iot.com)

Meerkat - System76


Fwiw, I’m using an Rpi4 4GB running maker and mariadb for the sql database. I’m running a fairly simple irrigation controller which interfaces to my Hydrawise WiFi controller via its restful api. I have two flowmeters that my pi is interfacing with though that I’m historising. The pi handles it with plenty to spare