Has anyone got NFC read to work on an Android/Apple Phone or Tablet?

I found out that I actually can scan an ISO-14443-3A tag.
The tag I was trying to scan didn't have anything written to it yet.
After writing some data to the tag, the perspective app is able to scan the tag.


Is there any progress on this one?
It would help a lot if the perspective app could read the card number an not only data that could be written by anyone to the card.

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Hi @erik.forsgren

The next mobile release will include a batch of NFC improvements and supported formats and payloads. No ETA at the moment, but its on our radar for the next mobile app release.


Hi! We tested this with the Perspective App updated in the beginning of April and we cannot read the card number. Is this still on the radar? Thank you!

Yes its still on the radar, we pruned some of the NFC tickets from this targeted release due to bandwidth while we are all working on 8.3 stuff. a lot of the NFC tickets were rescheduled to mobile app version 1.0.9. As always, these timeframes are vulnerable to reprioritization, but NFC improvements are still high on the list.


We're extending our animal feed project with mobile, and NFC is high on our wish list. Hopping this gets rolled sooner rather then later.

Keep up the good work!

Best regards,
Bruno Nunes

Are you specifically looking for tag types which are not NDEF? the most requested which will be the first to be added are ISO-14443-4 and ISO-15693. We aren't intentionally limiting the others and more may come through as part of this first push depending on the support within each mobile OS.

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First of all, sorry for the delay!

Right now we are using tags ISO 14443-3A on our currents setups. We are also not closed to changing that, but that's the tags that are currently using.

Best regards,
Bruno Nunes

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