Has anyone got NFC read to work on an Android/Apple Phone or Tablet?

We’ve been trying to test out some new prox card badges that have NFC using an Android or Apple tablet with the Perspective app, but can’t seem to get anything to work in the way of reading the NFC tag. We’re able to read the NFC tag with a reader app on the devices, but when we try to read it into Perspective using the example shown in the help documentation, we can’t get it to register. We tried single and continuous mode but neither seems to work. We tried multiple types of phones and tablets with no luck. If anyone has successfully read a NFC tag in the Perspective app, can you let me know what type of device it was?

I have the same issue, were you able to figure it out?
I tested the same card on my Iphone using another App (NFC Tools) and it show the NFC popup from IOS with the message “Approach an NFC Tag”, and reads the card right away. When I trigger the action from perspective app, it won’t show that message and also won’t read the card.
Any help would be appreciated.

We have not been able to figure it out yet. We gave up for now, but hopefully someone from Inductive can chime in and let us know what device/how to actually get this to work.

Are you SURE they are NFC cards? Most badges are not NFC, but another frequency specifically for building security systems like 13.56 MHz. Generally NFC != Prox Card…

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As Ryan already alluded to, your infrastructure would need to move to NFC, which is not quite the same as the more ubiquitous RFID. More like its little cousin.

Yes, we’re sure they are NFC. We got the samples from HID specifically for this purpose, to read NFC with a phone. We currently use RF Ideas Readers to read our existing Prox cards, that are the 13.56 Mhz non-NFC flavor, and the 125 kHz kind, so we’ve already been down that road where NFC and the 13.56 Mhz prox card aren’t the same thing. For the sample badges we have, we are able to read them with an NFC reader app on a phone or tablet, without any kind of RF Ideas dongle, so they definitely are NFC tags.

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First, cool! :slight_smile:

I haven’t had to go down this road yet, but do you have a part number you can share?

Sorry to hear NFC isn’t working. Do you mind sending me a screenshot from NFC Tools of the read. It’s likely that we don’t have support for the tag type yet. I know we have a ticket for supporting ISO 15693 tags.

Sure thing!
That’s the read I’m getting from NFC Tools.

I’m not sure it’s related but I’ve tried other apps as well, and the ones that have some kind of message with the IOS popup seem to work. The ones that don’t have any message (including Perspective), won’t work.

The part number for the HID cards is 5106RGGMNM7

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Looks like iOS has different interfaces for different type of cards (https://developer.apple.com/documentation/corenfc)… I am sure that is what @mrojas is talking about as the open ticket to implement. It seems NDEF tags are only implemented right now.

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This is the details on our NFC cards:image

@mrojas are there any plans to support MIFARE/ISO-14443-4? From what we’ve seen and been told, that’s the standard protocol for entry badges.

We do have plans on adding support for more NFC types and I just created a ticket for including ISO-14443-4 along with ISO-15693. I’ll see if we can get it’s priority bumped up. We’re pretty busy with 8.1 release currently, so hopefully as soon as that’s done it’ll free me up to start. I’ll check in when I have a more specific timeframe.