Has anyone tried to communicate with a Productivity PLC via Ethernet/IP?

I got an RFID Scanner that is connected to my Ignition with the TCP Driver, I’m reading the right values from the scanner. Now I’m trying to send those values, via Ethernet/IP, to a 2000 Series Productivity PLC which is connected to Ignition with the Allen-Bradley Logix Driver.

The Logix Driver isn’t a generic EtherNet/IP driver. It’s for class 3 explicit messaging and if the target doesn’t behave exactly like a Logix controller in its implementation of the vendor-specific services it’s not going to work.

The Productivity PLCs implement the I/O capabilities of EtherNet/IP, and can make generic class/instance/attribute requests to other devices. For normal tag access from Ignition, you must configure the tags with Modbus addresses and use the Modbus driver.

If you wish experiment with I/O traffic to/from Ignition, my Class 1 Ethernet/IP driver will do the job. (With blistering fast traffic.)

One nice thing about the Productivity series I/O implementation is that it supports large I/O buffer sizes, instead of just 500 bytes like Rockwell’s Logix family.