Has our ability to edit question titles been disabled?

I used to be able to fix or correct typos in other people's post titles. There was a pencil icon beside the title. It's gone! What happened?

Hmm, not intentionally... I can still see it. I'd expect you to see it on your own post, but maybe not another user post.

Did you lose your Regular badge?

That could be it. I was off the forum for a week or two due to other priorities. I'm now branded as unfaithful, I guess.

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Looks like it accounts for the last 100 days:

Time to no-life on the forums to regain your cred! :sunglasses:


He is TL2, which should at least allow for self-edit. I think TL3 allows you to edit other users posts.

edit: ah, editing a post and renaming a topic seem to be different...

@Transistor you are 40 read posts away from TL3 according to the discourse admin tools.

Thanks, guys.
For Level 3 it looks like I'd have to read 25% of the posts too. That would disqualify me if I start to get picky about my interests.