Have a countdown timer to start based off time of day

I'm looking to have a countdown timer based on time. I already have a tag for the current time that is always displayed. What I'm looking to do is for other LEDs to countdown for breaks and lunch for production and stop the "takt" time, then start the "takt" time after the countdown is completed.

I hope I'm making sense.

Most are.

You're going to do a time-difference calculation. Where is the value for the break end-time, etc., stored?


Do you mean Takt Time?

I do, autocorrect changed it

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Never heard of takt time, but can you just calc the seconds between the break times / lunch time and the time "now" to get your seconds remaining? Or maybe I'm misunderstanding something..

Germans are almost as bad as the French when it comes to not borrowing English words.