Have Chart or Easy chart graph only when tag value is true

I need an elapsed time x axis. The time would be according to a historical boolean tag going from true>false and vice-versa. So when tag goes true, plot data. When tag goes false, stop plotting data.
I have used the information here: Report Component - Timeseries Chart - Ignition User Manual 7.9 - Ignition Documentation
Also tried doing it to an Easy Chart.
Any help is very appreciated, thanks.

**using version 7.9.13

The Tag Historian has no proper way to do this. The mechanism in Ignition for this sort of behavior is a transaction group, part of the SQL Bridge module. You would set up values to record into a dedicated table at intervals, but only when a trigger condition is true. You then plot the values from the table using DB pens in the EasyChart instead of Tag Pens.

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Thank you so much. Will look into that!

I would still use tag history. But, manage the data in scripting… build a dataset the way you like it. Then use this data for your chart.

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I have done that then used that same dataset on a Classic chart but it plots continuously regardless of gaps in timestamp. Thanks!

Check that you are using the pen renderer “Line w/ Gaps”.