Have one user with a password that doesn't expire on a project

We have a validated system which needs to enforce password policy on the regular users, but we would like to have a View-only user account for auto-login that has a password which does not expire (so we don’t need to update the config every couple months with the new password). Is there a way to do this? We initially thought we could create a separate user profile, which had no password expiration for just the view only user, but it doesn’t look like we can have two profiles referenced by the same project.

Any tips on how accomplish this appreciated.


I use a backup user source. I have one that goes to active directory… then I have one that is using ignition built in data source. The failover settings let it work. Not sure if there is a better way.


That’s what I would do, fwiw.


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Jordan and Phil,

Just wanted to get back in touch to say “Thanks for the tip!”. That suggestion did the trick for us, we just wrapped up the project and customer is happy.


Sorry, just realized I forgot to thank Jon as well, for the actual tip!


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