Having a hard time understanding spinner in date mode

I have a spinner set to date mode displaying just hours minutes and seconds (Date format H.mm.ss)

I have a numeric text box with it’s value bound to the spinners Date in Milliseconds property.

When I set the spinner to the value 2:00:00 the numeric text box shows 28,800,000 (8 hours) instead of the 7,200,00 (2 hours) that I would expect. A difference of 6 hours.

The other weird thing is if I step down in hours, when I get to 0:00:00 my milliseconds value reads 21,600,000 (6 hours). If I then step down to 23:00:00 and back up to 0:00:00, I now get 108,000,000 (30 hours) for the milliseconds reading. However if I step up to 1:00:00 and then back down to 0:00:00 again it is back to 21,600,000 (6 hours). This doesn’t seem right to me. Am I missing something here?

The dateInMilliseconds property in the Spinner Component represents milliseconds from Epoch - 1/1/1970. The offset your seeing is due to the time difference from where you are located. For example when we do it here we are seeing a 7 hour difference for us on the west coast.

Looks like if we want the spinner control to ONLY represent time values and not both date and time, we’ll need to fix the date value of the control after each change in value. :frowning:

We may also have to consider time zones when converting millisecond values.

Please bring this up in our next conversation, JGJohnson.