Having a Tree View component in vision mimic a folder directory?

Doing some folder path reconciliation on a NAS drive via Ignition. I wanted to first scan all the folders to see where everything was at so I could display them in a tree view in a Vision window. Here’s a sample of how the data is stored -

I just used os.walk and saved each folder to the fullPath column of my table pathreconciliation.

Here’s my attempt at the SQL query for the Items of the tree

SELECT REPLACE(fullPath,SUBSTRING_INDEX(fullPath, '\\', -1),'') as 'path',REPLACE(fullPath,'\\','//') as 'fullPath', 
fullPath as 'text'
FROM pathreconciliation
WHERE depth <= 3
ORDER BY fullPath

and here is what I am seeing -

It is almost there but as you can see children are duplicated to be their own parent item as well and I am not sure how to fix this.

Any ideas how to fix this? I can edit the table if need be, I have full control over it if there’s way to manipulate this data into multiple columns if that helps somehow.

Do you just need to update the ‘Separation Character’ property to a backslash? Or possibly replace the values in your query; the double backslashes at the root may make things weird.

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Adding on what PGriffith said, It may be possible the slashing of network mounted drives. It could be that ignition is using a slash as a special escape character. IE: To display “\\” as a string in ignition scripting, you may have to concatenate two additional “\\”'s like so:

"\\" + "\\[Network Path here]"

Here’s the documentation for String Escape Characters.

Another possible avenue (I am unsure if this is desired), but what if you adjusted your query different like…

  • For child directories (or, sub directories) change the “isDir” value to “2” indicate it is not a directory but a child of the parent. Then add an additional where condition of to say where it is not a child directory
WHERE depth <= 3 and isDir not > 1


  • Added another column with a name of “isSub” with a value of 1 to indicate that it this data row is a Child. To indicate it is the parent the value of “isSub” would be 0. Again adding a where statement adjusted to account for that
WHERE depth <= 3 and isSub = 0 

Try setting the Separation Character of the treeview to ‘\’

Ugh I barely use this component so I forgot about this stuff. Thanks for the answer. That fixed it.

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