Having multiple "resetting CIP connection"

Hi all,
I've been dealing with the resetting CIP connection with all PLCs across the site. Been stucking at finding the root cause. At this point, I think it's beyond my knowledge. Any ideas would be welcome!
Also, will overload CPU affect the connection problem in this case?


Very likely. Look at your thread diagnostics. And/or take thread dumps. (You may need to call into support or start a support ticket.)

Is there any other causes in this case? I've noticed the CPU overload not hapenning during the resetting CIP connection.

The CIP connection reset messages happen when the processor status request times out. You could simply have a bad network connection or a controller that is overloaded because there’s too many things trying to do class 3 messaging with it.

I've contacted to the IT department and they are sure the network connection is fine. Hopefully it's not the case.
For the controller, except Ignition, it is also having a panel view. Would this affect the connection?

Hi all,
Thanks for your replies. We have upgraded the server from 16gb to 32gb and it has been running fine. As pturmel said, it definitely was the mem leak caused clockdrift and resetting cip connection.