Heap Memory Dump with Embedded Java

I have a system that has been running for a few months now.
We have noticed recently that the heap size is growing and is now exceeded the available space.

Total Memory 2GB
Non-Heap 320MB
Heap 1.9GB
Version 8.1.12

There are no timed gateway scripts.
As this is using the embedded JAVA packaged within the Ignition install. Is there a way I can obtain a dump of the heap to start to identify the root cause of this leak?

I can try increasing the heap size when I can next shutdown the system, However it looks to be growing over time so an increase in total memory only delays the issue. I would really like to know how to identify and resolve the root cause.

Install any JDK with the same version as the embedded java. That will give you the tools you need, like jhat.

You will almost certainly want to compare a nearly clean system (post restart) against the situation when nearly full.

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