Heap Size Settings for Ignition Client

How do we check what is the appropriate init and max heap size to set for our Ignition Application? Is there a way to monitor the memory usage trend for the application, collecting the memory used by the application to plot trending?

I presume you mean a Vision client, as only that has independent memory allocation settings. Anyways, in a running client, you can open diagnostics from the Help menu. That includes a live memory usage chart.

Yes, i am referring to Vision client. Are we able to write the memory usage periodically over a time period to a file and extract it to review the past memory usage? From there we would be able to do some trending and get an idea on what is the appropriate heap size to set?

Yes. You can run a client timer event that samples usage via java’s memory management infrastructure. I would write those samples, along with timestamp and clientID, to your database.