Heaps of Tags and Reporting Changes

Ignition Gateway 7.8.4
Currently at 42,181 tags / 18 scan classes

A little background
Have been developing a wash system timers program for supervision to make changes to step times within the wash systems. Currently using a template (as shown below), this is bound to tags using the custom properties. On the main window of the client, basically making the templates visibility change depending on which radio button is selected and what is selected on the dropdown list. The scanclass is set to a 0 poll rate and is working on updating the tag within the PLC on a change from the designer.

My Question Is:
We would like to log changes made to the timers which the following information:
Date, Time, Client Host, User, Tag Changed, Tag’s Previous Value, Tag’s New Value

What would be the proper way to go about this? Have looked at transaction manager, tag event scripting, historical (tag history value on change). Getting lost within researching a valid method on how to report this. We wouldn’t need to worry about tracking the tag values being changed on the PLC itself. So what’s the best route???

Thanks in advance,


Project Auditing seems like it might cover almost all of your requirements with a minimum amount of extra effort required.

Thanks, that ended up working by parsing out the ACTION_TARGET through SQL.