Heatmap in Ignition


We have received a requirement for realtime quality visual inspection using image processing.
Already this requirement is deployed as a standalone python application running in a server.
Since we have developed MES for that line in Ignition vision, Now the user wants to integrate this image processing requirement into Ignition.
In existing application they do perform some image processing techniques like

  1. stitching multiple images to form an actual image.
  2. Background extraction and background correction from actual image.
  3. Separating different patterns from the actual image.
  4. Statistical calculation for each pattern.
  5. Heatmaps.
  6. Distinguish the high intensity areas.

So If I want to handle these steps in ignition, Importantly We need Heatmap

  1. Is it possible/not in vision?.
  2. If possible, What approach do i need to take?.

-Thank You.

Can someone give some more guidance how to generate heatmap using JFreechart XYBlockRenderer, I have seen some examples in stackoverflow. However its bit confusing how to create XYZdataset and add paintscale and render the plot using XYBlockRenderer.

It seems like the documentation must be bought - Object Refinery Limited - JFreeChart

I don’t know if this is still the only way to get it. Also, if I had to guess, this documentation will be in pure java, not jython, if that makes a difference (though I cannot say that with 100% certainty).

Sorry I can’t speak on JFreechart but you mention in your original post you have the perspective module so I’m curious if you can use Perspective XY chart for generating your heat map.

Check out Example 1 for the Heat Map configurations.