Heatmap with multiple colors

I’m trying to build a heatmap that uses multiple colors to represent the values. The heatmap goes from blue to light blue, then to green, then to yellow and then to red. I managed to create the heatmap using multiple series, but I want the color bar to be displayed in a single bar, and currently it seems that Perspective renders multiple bars for each color pair. Has anyone managed to create a heatmap with only 1 bar?

Edit: added multi color bar example.

Multicolor bar

I haven’t had to do this or tried, but does this post help any?
XY Chart Heat Rules - Ignition - Inductive Automation Forum

Thanks for the reply. It seems the example on that post uses only 2 colors, currently I need to implement 5 colors in a single bar. Though in that post someone mentions hiding the bar, that would work since I could create a label with a gradient and make the color bar separate from the chart. Sadly no one answered if it’s possible, and I’ve tried looking for a property on the component but it doesn’t seem to be there yet.

Not really sure where to go from here, maybe someone else can chime in. The only other thing I could say is look into the apex charts module?
KyvisLabs ApexChart Module - Ignition - Inductive Automation Forum

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Because of the way the charts are rendered, they are calculated as SVGs before being provided to the screen. Unfortunately this means that specific aspects (like the heat map at the bottom) don’t have classes that could be affected with Theming. So no, this likely can’t be modified without a new feature from IA.