Height binding for column container nor working in Ignition 8.1

I have implemented a height binding for a column container by using a dropdown. If I select a specific value from dropdown height of column container will be 100 otherwise it will be 0. In ignition 8.0 this functionality is working fine but in ignition 8.1 after selecting dropdown column container is not showing but if i am changing the resolution of screen either increase or decrease or even back to the same resolution after changing resolution I am able to see the column container.
Can you please suggest how to resolve this issue.

Hi @sandeepkumar.mishra, that does sound like a bug & might need raising to IA support.

This sounds like you are hiding the container based on the dropdown selection. As a workaround, can't you bind to the meta.visible property instead?

Thank you for your reply.
I have tried using meta.visible binding and it’s working as per the selection of dropdown but I am using height binding because if that container is not in use it will not occupy some blank space on screen. As this is not working with height there might be something different with height property.
Can you please suggest if there’s anything gets refreshed when we change the screen resolution because after that height binding works fine also if there’s any way to resolve this issue?

This might help:

I have tested this and it is working ok for me. I am using 8.1.5, could you try this version?

@pturmel I assume the OP is referring to a coordinate view/container, because of the binding on height, which doesn't have the display property. But you're right, I never asked if a flex container could be used to wrap it :sweat_smile:

Hi @pturmel Thank you for your suggestion. Sorry but I am not using flex container. Here I am using a column container and into that i have many coordinate container and for one of them I m am trying to make it visible only if some particular value is selected from dropdown.
But it’s not working I am using 8.1.0 version.

Hi @matthew.ayre sorry in start I have mentioned column container but I am using a column container and into that I have many coordinate container and for one of them I m am trying to make it visible only if some particular value is selected from dropdown.
I am using 8.1.0 version. Can you please try this on your version and also if is it possible to test it on 8.1.0 version on your side?

It definitely seems to work in 8.1.5 and I know there have been a couple of fixes for 8.1.x and dropdowns, although nothing specifically related to this (as far as I know) :thinking: I don't have a 8.1.0 server to hand currently, but I may be able to test later tonight (no promises though).

Could you post the binding and any other useful screenshots/code so that I/we can replicate the issue fully?

Hi @matthew.ayre
I have created a test view and instead of dropdown i tried it with text field to provide value in that also i am facing same error please find the attached screen shots of the issue with details:

1: height binding configuration is designer:

2: For Coordinate container i am using height binding as below:

3: On test screen after entering value in text field i am not able to see the coordinate container:

4: But after changing the resolution on browser I am able to see the coordinate container:

Hi @matthew.ayre
Have you got a chance to test above scenario? Please let me know if we have any fix or workaround.

Hi @sandeepkumar.mishra, sorry for the delay I’ve been a bit snowed under this week :sweat_smile:

I can confirm I can replicate the issue in 8.1.5. It does look like a bug to me, so I would get it raised with IA support. I would link this thread and also give them a backup of the view if you can.

I tried a couple of things to workaround the issue such as refreshing the binding, but it didn’t work I’m afraid :disappointed:

Hi @matthew.ayre
It’s fine thank you for replying.
Please find the attached backup of the view and let me know if we can get some solution or workaround as it’s quite important functionality and need to resolve asap.MAKO4_SCADA_2021-05-14_1751_8.1_HeightBindingBugTestView.zip (7.7 KB)

You will need to raise this as a ticket with IA support :slight_smile:


Thank you @matthew.ayre for your help. I have raised the ticket. Let’s wait for their response.

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