Help! Launch tag by time

I have a problem.
There is a solar power station where 80 inverters are installed. Each inverter has a power regulation function via a tag.
It is necessary to set the value for example: the power plant should work tomorrow at 11:00 with the total power of 2000 kW, 12:00 2100 kW and so on … How can this be implemented? Requires 2000KV / 80 = 25KW (this value should be automatically recorded to each inverter )

Please provide more information about your setup for more specific help, but in general, you would want a timer script that regularly checks the time and looks up (in a DB) or calculates what that setpoint should be at that moment, and writes the tag accordingly. I would normally arrange this sort of short term scheduling to be done in a PLC, and Ignition would only load the target time/setpoint pairs into the PLC.

Dude! Don’t post multiple topics for the same problem! I just found your other post: