Help Needed: MongoDB Connector in Ignition

Hi Ignition Community,

I'm currently working on integrating MongoDB with Ignition Standard, and I'm having trouble finding the MongoDB connector. I've checked the docs and forums but haven't found a clear answer.

If anyone has experience with this or can point me in the right direction, I'd really appreciate it. Any links, guides, or tips would be super helpful.

Individual modules can be downloaded from the version archive page:

Make sure you select an appropriate platform version.

I've not used it, but its scripting functions are in the user manual appendix:

Worth noting if you're not married to mongodb it will cause you issues with trying to do things you get built-in for free with other JBDC compliant databases like and you will need to code up the difference

Another one - I don't know if this one is still true but seems like the Older Ignition had some modules to work with historian but there are none around for 8.1

Just posting for your consideration if you're still in the planning phases of what database to use. If you're 100% going with Mongo you will probably have to do a little bit more legwork for certain things. If you still have a choice, I would probably go with one Ignition is already built-in and ready to work with - MySQL, Postgres, SQL Server etc.

Thanks for your help!