Help on connecting to mysql and redundancy gateway on another computer

Hi guys,
I have a networking issue as computer networks isnt my strongest subject.

I have 3 desktops in my structure where 1 is the master, 1 is the redundancy and another as my historian where I keep it all on mysql.

I’ve got them all communicating and the connections between ignitions and to the database in the 3 computers have been succesfull. However, I configured all of this while firewall has been off ( theyve all been connected through standalone switch)

I’ve turned on the firewall for all 3 computers as they’ll be deployed to site soon. and I’ve got their file sharing enabled and are able to ping each other. However the connection to the redundancy gateway and the database on the other computer is not connecting.

Can you please advice on what other rules/ configs are needed so that I can connect to the mysql database on the other computer (which is on the default port 3306).
I’ve tried to create a new rule on the in/outbound to allow access to the specific ports. however Im still not getting a successfull connection (as stated on my master gateway).

Thank you guys for your advice!

I assume this is windows?

What ports have you opened up?

You will need to open up inbound 8088,8060 (Defaults) for sure on the Ignition Gateways, and 3306 (Default) on the MySQL server.

If this is Windows make sure that the port exception is for all 3 connections: Domain, Private and Public.

Hi bschroeder
thanks for advising!

Yes windows 10 theyre all on!

Would I have to add any outbound rules on each desktop aswell?

so for the 1 ignition gateway, i’ll add an inbound rule for 8088 and 8060.
and mysql to have 3306?

is this correct

Don’t need outbound rules just the inbound rules.

For both the master and the redundancy gateway you will need he 8088 and 8060 inbound.

Awesome thank you!!
They’re all talking and I can sleep tonight haha