Help on Easy chart and alarm status


I need help on achieving dynamism in easy chart and alarm status table.

I have tags in the structure, turbines/turbine1/temperature and there are 4 turbines. If I drag and drop tags on easy chart, it’s referring only to turbine 1 by default. But I’m dynamically showing easy chart for all turbines. If it’s called from turbine1, only the tags of turbine 1 should be shown. How to configure tag path dynamically? can I use cell update binding like 'turbine/turbine{turbinenumber}/temperature? Pls help.

Same is the case for alarm status table also. I need to show alarms dynamically in the table. If it’s called from turbine1, only alarms of turbine 1 should be shown. I tried to configure in display path filter and source filter using indirect tag binding. But that’s not showing any alarms. Pls help me in solving these 2 problems.

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Hi sudhamoorthy

Inductive University is your friend, try these tutorials … easy-chart … -filtering

take a look at those and come back if you have questions

Thanks for the reply Chris.

Easy chart is working now.

However, if i bind the display path filter of alarm status table, it doesn’t display any value. what am i missing.

[attachment=0]alarm status table.png[/attachment]


use an expression to put wildcards before and after, in the alarm display path “Turbine 1” is only part of the message

"*"+{whatever.Turbine Name}+"*"

Thanks Chris. it’s working now. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much! It is very helpful!

I’m having the same issues as you. Is there any way you could help me?