Help on SCADA freeze

Hi to all!

We are facing a project using two SCADA system.

Our customer has a SCADA system from Copadata (Zenon Version: 6.51) and we install Ignition Version 7.9.9 and MySQL form a downtime application.

The problem is, when we execute the Ignition application, Zenon stay freeze and doesn’t respond to any command and Ignition still working.

And we have to reset ignition gateway to run Zenon without problems

We have been looking for framework compatibility that can generate this type of problems

But until now, we have no luck finding what causes this problem

First things to look for is whether the two SCADA systems are sharing any of the communication ports and or resources that they use to perform their functions (HTTP, OPCUA Servers, etc.).


Hi Oscar.

I forgot to say it.

Our application is connected with a CompactLogix L32E using the Allen Bradley Logix driver, and the Zenon is also using an OPC driver.