Help on TCP Driver Device

Hi All,

I have a QRCode maker device that “prints” out the QRCode via the serial port (F.E the code is GA0729830G 90101-18 ). Then I have another device that takes the “message” from the serial port and share it over the internet ( Wi-FI ). Everything is working perfectly.
Now I want to use the “message” inside Ignition, so I’ve created a “TCP Driver Device” to get the message. The device is connected. My issue consists that I don’t receive the message correctly:

Packet Based: I don’t receive the message at all or only some characters
Character Based: There is no “Final character” to check, I’ve tried anyway with “-” and it’s working correctly, the message I receive is “GA0729830G 90101” so, without the -18 finale, but I need the full message.
Fixed Size: The code can have 19 characters ( like this one ) or 18 or 20 etc… so this option will not work for me ( I’ve tried anyway and even this one is working correctly but, as I mentioned, the characters can change)

I don’t understand much the other parameters, Field Count and Field Delimiter.

Any help on this?

Can you modify what the 2nd device sends so either:

  1. it pads shorter messages to the same length
  2. it sends UDP packets instead, which would allow you to use the UDP driver + packet based

Well, I just found out the solution thanks to you :+1: ( in an older post TCP Driver)
I’ve set up the configuration like the following:

** Character Based with a \r Carriage-return as a Message Delimiter

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Ah, that’s even better than my other 2 suggestions.

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