Help on Wind Turbine animation


I’m new to ignition. I need some help in design.

I have chosen a wind turbine from symbol factory. I want to make it move. For that, I configured a timer and gave the Bound value as 360 and Step By as 20 and configured the angle of Group_Blades to the timer value.

The wind turbine blades are moving, but goes away from the motor since the angle is given as 360. [attachment=0]turbine.png[/attachment]

Can we anchor it and make only the blades move?

Please help me in resolving this.

Is the “Group_Blades” inside a parent group? If it is, you need to either pull the “Group_Blades” out of the parent group(s) that it is in or you need to make the group larger than the “Group_Blades” at ALL angles.

I’m not sure of exactly what is going on behind the scenes in groups, but I do know that rotating groups/components inside a parent group will force the parent group to resize everything inside the parent group (i.e. - make it look like things are moving around).

One other possibility is the center of your “Group_Blades” is slightly off center of the rotor image. If you click the “Group_Blades” once, wait a second, and then click it again you should see rotational arrows and a red “+” sign in the middle of the group. This “+” sign is the point around which the group is rotated and you can reposition this “+” sign with your cursor. It should be repositioned directly over the center of your turbine blades.

Hope this helps,