Help setting up Eurotherm 2404 to Integrate to Ignition


Need help in integrating the Eurotherm 2404 using Datascan 7220 Ethernet Converter.

Currently Eurotherm data feed to the Orchestrator via Datascan 7220 ethernet converter.So we want also to integrate it in Iginition system.


You’ll need to give more information e.g. what protocols are being used?

We’re connecting to some 2404 instruments but using a Moxa MB3180 ethernet to modbus converter.
We use the Mobus TCP driver, configure the IP address of your converter and then add the modbus address range that you want to read from the instrument, you can import the attached file. Once this is done, you can then add the tags via the opc browser as normal. Refer to the 2400 Eurotherm Communications book for the correct modbus addresses that you need to log.
2404 modbus-config.csv (88 Bytes)

Hi AlThePal, ClKMan,

Thank you for the reply.

We’re using the TCP/IP protocol and already configured comm ports and IP address via Vxcomm (Virtual comm port utility) of Orchestrator scada.
Now we are planning to hook it up and get all the data from the eurotherm to the Ignition.
Im trying to used in Ignition the TCP driver and configure the ports and IP address of the ethernet converter.(IcpCon 7188E2).
Im not sure what to configure in the message delimiter.
And still it’s not connected.

Im new with this in Ignition,we’re only have experience in configuring Allen bradley PLC’s.

You appear to want data from the Eurotherm 2404 in Ignition. From the manual this can communicate using Modbus, Devicenet or (maybe) ProfiBus. The easiest way will be to output from the Eurotherm 2404 using serial Modbus, then convert this to Ethernet using a Modbus serial to Ethernet converter (such as the Moxa MB3180 recommended by Clkman) and then read this into Ignition using the Ignition Modbus TCP driver.

I don’t think you want to use the TCP driver here. This driver is used to listen to output being broadcast from another device, normally something fairly dumb like weighscales. This option doesn’t seem possible with the Eurotherm 2404.

Thanks for this.

Currently it’s been connected to a Modbus serial to ethernet converter (IcpCon 7188E2) used for Orchestrator.
So we want if possible to adapt the existing IcpCon 7188E2 to be connected to Ignition,so we will not add addtional device like MOXA MB3180.
We will try to configure it out.