Help setting up the y axis scaling on a Perspective XY Chart


I am currently running into some trouble setting up the y axis scaling of a perspective XY chart. The chart in question should be a histogram/bar chart looking chart that is displaying the values of some tags. The values of these tags are very small, they can go as small as 10^-6 or 10^-7.

The problem I am having here is formatting both a linear y axis scale and a logarithmic scale for said chart. When I am attempting to set the linear y axis scale, I get the options to set a min and max values but the y axis then gets populated with too many values and then it becomes cluttered:

Is there a way to make the y axis here more legible?

The problem I have with the logarithmic scaling is that the y axis does not have any values and the data seems to "shrink and disappear":

Any help with addressing these two issues would be greatly appreciated.

On the logarithmic scale, the issue is with your range. Since the log of 0 explodes to negative infinity, the chart will attempt to max out the range and your values will disappear.

Instead, set the min to a reasonable low value, or leave it blank so the chart will automatically set a lower limit based on the data (you can still specify a max):

For the linear chart, you'll have to play with the appearance.grid.minDistance property of your axis:

If you set it to a larger number, the space between gridlines will increase; I believe a value of null will automatically pick a grid spacing:

Note this is a visual distance so if you then scale the actual chart component it will adjust the grid numbers to maintain roughly the same visual spacing (relative to view size):


Thank You for the help! I was able to solve my issues with your advice and some further experimentation.

Hi Tony,

Would you be able to share your fix for this issue? currently facing a similar problem.



I just followed Felipe's advice and managed to resolve my issues. If I had to list the things that I did, I think it would be:

  1. I had to adjust the min value of my Y axis to a value greater than 0, when it was set to zero it would just scale the range to infinity so that was causing issues.
  2. For the linear chart I adjusted the appearance.grid.minDistance property. I believe I set it to null so that it would automatically pick a grid spacing.

I hope that helps.

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