Help summing values from multiple data sets

I have 3 data sets on a window. Each data set is a single column by multiple rows. I’m trying to sum the values from the same row number in each data set to a simple numeric component. ie. I have the following bound expression for the numeric display component. {Root Container.Table}[0,0]+{Root Container.Table}[0,0]+{Root Container.Table}[0,0]. The window will only display the value from the first dataset. ie. it shows {Root Container.Table}[0,0]. There is data on all rows of all datasets. It always displays the first value in the equation. If I put table 2 first, it displays that value. Can you tell me what’s up?

My guess is that Ignition is trying to concatenate strings together. Try the following:toFloat({Root Container.Table}[0,0])+toFloat({Root Container.Table}[0,0])+toFloat({Root Container.Table}[0,0])

Actually tried that yesterday afternoon, but must have fatfingered something, tried it again this morning and works. Thanks!