Help to connect to AllenBradley 1747-L552/C

Hi! I need help to connect Ignition 8.1.4 to a AllenBradley 1747-L552/C Ethernet Processor.
The Ethernet processor is on the same module as the CPU.
But i don’t understand how to setup the connection path. Never worked with AB before.

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Hi @winbetho, do you need to supply the connection path? I think you only need to supply the slot number of the CPU in this case, but I may be wrong

Sorry, just noticed it’s an SLC :sweat_smile: have you seen the entry in the manual: Connecting to SLC - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation

Also, see: Connecting to SLC - Allen-Bradley Ethernet Drivers which suggests you may not need connection path properties for direct connection.


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Ok, I will try that. Also, what port is used? I need to know that so they can open that in the firewall.

2222 is probably sufficient, but you may need to open 44818 as well.