Help understanding alarms local / cloud architecture

I am trying to understand how to configure alarming in our ignition environment. We currently have a local Ignition gateway and a cloud Ignition gateway. The local gateway is connected to our cloud gateway and we have MQTT transmission configured to forward our tag data to our cloud gateway. Our cloud gateway is configured with the Ignition alarming module but our local gateway is not. I have UDT's on our local gateway, and I have configured my alarms on that. How do I set this up so that I can create instances of that UDT on my local, but have the alarm configuration push up to the cloud gateway so that I can utilize the alarm module on the cloud gateway? It looks like the alarm configuration gets dropped when it is forwarded to the cloud gateway. Is this possible or am I completely wrong about the way I am doing this?

We have typically moved away from mqtt as a transmission layer, and rather use Remote tag providers over the gateway network to get away from a lot of double configuration on the UDTs. In my head it also seems safere in a way to have one single place where you do the changes.

Dont know if you have the opportunity to use this solution, but it could be worth looking into.

Thank you so much for your reply to this! It does look like this is the way to go for us. I am reading up on how to implement this in our environment.