Help us make FactoryPMI better!

Hello everyone. We are testing out a brand new serialization routine for FactoryPMI 3.2 that is over twice as fast (this is the time to save a window and the time to open it back up) as the existing one.

Unfortunately, this opens a backwards-compatability can of worms, so to speak. So, to get a good coverage of test cases, it would be helpful if any of you who are willing could send us your project files. The *.fpmi files would be best, not the entire gateway backup. You can export a project from the FactoryPMI Gateway Configuration section by going to Projects -> Manage, and clicking the disk button next to the project.

We will keep these projects in strict confidence - no screenshots or otherwise will be used from them for any purposes unless you tell us otherwise. You can email them to

Thanks for your help!

Hmm, not quite the flood of projects I was hoping for…

To be clear, we won’t be judging your projects - they don’t even need to be complete! We would just like to broaden our test case base to make sure this new feature is fully backwards compatible.

So, don’t be shy!

Will send you my large project. Can you judge mine anyays… jk

Thanks Kyle!

On their way, let me know if you dont get them in the next 10 mins

Thanks to everyone who sent in projects - they were very helpful.

FactoryPMI 3.2.0 beta is up on the integrator portal, I recommend testing on a develpoment/parallel system, not production.