Help using DeviationRenderer @ Chart

Hello guys, newbie reporting in after a lot of stalking and learning here in the forums, so thanks in advance for everyone willing to help :slight_smile:

The goal here is the following: I have a normal chart with 2 y axis where I plot two types of process information (temperature and rotation) from both a setpoint and actual (live) information, comparing the lines ‘in the same canvas’. I’d like to add a “tolerance” for the setpoints - and I could do it adding new datasets (which I think it’s not the optimal way).

What I found is the JFreeChart’s DeviationRenderer class (, where I would try to use the shading effect with a specific tolerance value (e.g.: ± 5ºC for temperature and 100RPM for rotation) with my setpoint’s values.

The problem here is that I tried to use this property without any success. I’m not able to find the aliases of the chart items to properly use the tool.

Could anyone give me some starting tips? Thanks in advance!

My Chart

Example/Desired effect

Could you provide the script you’re starting from? Also, it looks like the DeviationRenderer requires a specific dataset construction which will require additional work in the configureChart scripting.

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Hey Peter, thanks for your time.

I tried so many stuff with my chart that it broke down and I had to start from scratch. I have nothing ‘useful’ right now.

My chart is a “regular” chart, using an additional X Axis (don’t need to use default date one and I read here that is not good to delete it) and two Y axis (temp and rotation). It is a category chart and all dataset are being rendered as “Category Line/Shape Renderer”. I think these last configurations will not allow me to use this tool, but I was unable to plot it as I want (first image) using other types…

Thanks again!

CategoryCharts/Datasets/Renderers are fundamentally incompatible with XYCharts/Datasets/Renderers - before going any further with scripting I would recommend finding out how to get what you want onto an X-Y chart. Looking at your first screenshot, it looks like you could have the X axis be the ‘zone’ and have a zone number as the interval, since there’s no ‘Coater’ points graphed.

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You are completely right. The ‘coater zone’ was just a break between the machine steps. I’ll try to have my chart in a compatible way first then.