Help with Browsing Query Remote Historian (Read Only)

I have two gateways connected over gateway network:
Gateway 1: “Ign Mfg Dev”
Gateway 2: “PlantApp”

On Gateway 1 [G1] I have configured a read-only remote historian connection called “PLANT_APP_HIST” to G2. I’m trying to browse tags over this remote historian connection. I’ve tried following the historian syntax, but I can’t seem to get any result…

From system.tag.browseHistoricalTags

browse = system.tag.browseHistoricalTags(historyPath)
results = browse.getResults() #We can then call getResults() on the BrowseResults variable, and store that in a variable called results.
for result in results: #We can now loop through the results in a for loop.
    print result.getPath() #We then call .getPath() on the individual objects to get the Tag Path.

I’ve tried iterations on the below path to simply browse anything that’s available, though I’m not sure what tag provider to use (went with default):

historyPath='histprov:PLANT_APP_HIST:/drv:Ign Mfg Dev:default:/)

But I’ve simply had no luck. Any suggestions on the right syntax here?