Help with create Own alarm status?

I am wondering if you have some tips for this: We want to create our own alarm status fo when the user click or double click on the alarm event it will take him direct to the windows where the alarm is realted.

Ex: If the alarm is “High Temperature Tank 1”, when he click over the alarm it will go to the window where the Tank 1 is

Thank for your help

Yes, here is how I do it…

First, I added a Data Type Parameter to my all my Data Types that have alarms called ‘Page’. Then I added this ‘Page’ parameter to each alarm tag under Documentation. Now I can tell it what page that instrument is on.

Next I created a script called tracealarm. This will swap to the page I provided if it exists.

# This is for ignition version 7.7 or higher....
def tracealarm(path):
	import system
	import re
	tag = str(path).split(':/')[1].split(":")[1]	#This is the tag
	grf = system.tag.getTagValue(tag + ".Documentation")
	if grf != '':
		print "This alarm has no page on record."

Next on the alarm the alarm status table, I enabled the onDoubleClicked Extension Function to call my script.

path = alarmEvent.get('Source')

Now when someone double clicks on an alarm, it swaps my alarm page to the page where the alarm is.

Fairly simple.
How that helps.


Thank you very much CPowell!!!