Help with Exporting Alarm Status Table

After installing our ignition system into the clients premises one of the site engineers has come up with an additional feature which i am having an issue implementing, on the surface it seems simple but i cannot seem to grasp how to solve it. The old system (Citect) allows exporting of alarm logs to CSV files, i can see that ignition is capable of it but the amount of data that i am able to export is insufficient for the client as the previous sytem is able to export more information than i am currently able to with Ignition.

Within the table i can add additional columns such as “Clear Time”, “Duration” and “Acked " but when the table data is exported only “Eventid”, “Source”, “DisplayPath”, EventTime”, “State” and “Priority” are exported does anyone know how i can get these additional columns to be exported.

Hi Michael

I was aware of this before I departed, didn’t we put a CSV and Excel export buttons on the Journal page instead? Or does this do the same, I thought we had used “system.alarm.queryJournal”

I do know that SH did say he was happy with the result.

There were export functions on the journal page but they seem to only export the same variable as within the alarm page, the only column that the client really requires is the clear time, i have also tried collecting the selected alarms into a secondary table with the column added then exporting this data but as soon as alarms are selected for export the columns i have added are auto-deleted.

I do remeber SH being happy about it but i think that was before he had looked at it in some detail an compared to the Citect logs.

Would there be a way to collect this data via a SQL query with a Join on the alarm tables and the tables that contain the clear time and ack’ed by data?

Could anyone From Ignition Help with this issue?

Had a conversation with Paul Scott from Inductive Automation, he provided me with a script that completed the function that i required, it queries the journal system for clear and active tags, then loops through collecting the information and pushing it into the table, i will attach the code given to me by Paul o help anyone else who might be having this problem.
AlarmStartAndEnd.txt (1.75 KB)