Help with Kepware


Just I have started the same. I have connected Kepware to Ignition.
Now I need
How to create tags in Kepware.
how tags need to fetch in Ignition.
In Ignition I have connected the machines to Allen Bradley PLC. so how tags can be fetch from kepware.

That will be explained in the Kepware documentation. It really isn't a question for the Ignition forum.

Ignition comes with Allen-Bradley OPC drivers so you can read tags directly from the PLC.
Why do you think you need to "fetch from Kepware"?

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I'm not sure what your question has to do with the OP? Other than being about the same opc UA server, kepware. I've marked as off topic, as I don't have the super powers to split it off

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I would eliminate Kepware. It is an extra point of failure, configuration and maintenance that you don't need.

thank you all, I got the connection. I enabled YES for below options in Project Property

after this I got connection.

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Care to share the solution? Someone searching the forum and finding this topic will be in exactly the same state they were in before reading it i.e. still looking for a solution