Help with navigation and tabs, page visibility

Hey there, need some help with navigation and layers. I’m trying to use the tabbed menu to display the respective pages. So far just have “New Charge Report” made for testing with. How do I keep the menu tabs visible on all the pages? I’ve tried setting the pages widths, positions, etc, but it always shortens from the right, not from left. Do I have to copy the menu tab to each respective page?

So far enjoying working with this, I think I’ve got a very steep learning curve ahead of me…

When using the tab strips ability to swap windows for you, you are expected to place it in a docked window by itself.

So, the menu window should be docked (west), new charge reports is floating. Correct?

No, all the windows selected by the tab strip should be main windows.

Main windows are floating Windows that are set to start maximised :slight_smile:

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I think I’m missing something. I’ve set the menu window to be docked, Dock Position: west. Same for the new charge reports window called by the menu. I tried making the windows sizes to add up to the full size (menu 200px wide, charge reports 600px wide) but I can’t get them to appear correctly, both originate at top left corner, making them overlap.

Docking should only be used for Windows that should be docked to one of the four sides. All main windows should be set to floating (+start maximised)

@nminchin I do have all windows set to maximized and floating. I can’t see how to use the menu tabs only once to open each respective window. I’ve just copied and pasted the menu to each window for now, which means if I make any changes, I have to update it in 4 places. Which is exactly what I would have done with Factory View Studio…

update: discovered layers and opaqueness, is this the right path? I can get the menu and new charge report pages to display, but none of the others, they just overwrite the menu tabs.

Try opening the template project for tabbed navigation (it’s a top docked header, but the same principle applies)

No! The menu should be in a window by itself, docked to a screen edge. The tabs then open the main windows. The main windows do not have copies of the menu.

That’s what I’m trying to do, but my windows keep layering on top of each other. When I open the example project @PGriffith posted, I get the same behaviour. The tabbed portion of the navigation goes behind the opened item. There’s no navigation controls on the popups or Overview windows, so no way to return to Navigation.

That means your menu window is not set to be docked. When docking is set right, maximizing other windows excludes the dock area.

I didn’t make the example project, just opened it as is.

I think these are the correct settings? Menu window is docked West, the other windows are maximized.