Help with pdf viewer

I am trying to use Perspective's pdfViewer to view internal PDFs on standard procedures. The idea is that we can prompt operators when certain conditions are met. For example when a changeover is detected it will show the the changeover SOP. Detecting a jam will show the clearing a jam SOP. I'm running into issues with the pdf viewer only displaying 'Failed to load PDF File'.

I've attempted to point the pdf viewer object's source to a web based pdf. I would expect something like this to work: (IRS tax documents). However, I get the error message it failed to load. The ignition server does have internet access to this site. Tried both the http and https. My plan was once this was working I attempt to get our pdf's published on a local server.

As an alternative, would I be able to place pdf's on the ignition server directly? The default path points to this location but I'm not sure where it is accessible:

Unlike most things with Ignition, I'm not finding a lot of posts or examples utilizing this feature. I wonder if there is a better way of accomplishing what I'm looking for or if I'm missing something simple.

The only success I had was by downloading a trial version of the web dev tool and uploading a pdf into the project and pointing a reference to it. This works but the tool feels like overkill for what I'm trying to accomplish.

Any advice is appreciated.

I don't have any experience with this but i believe the usual approach is the webdev module.

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I would look into pturmel's blob server Automation Professionals' Blob Server Module - 3rd Party Modules - Inductive Automation Forum