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Hey guys,

New to using ignition and I’m trying to develop a smaller system of Ignition. I’m trying to connect 6 remote sites that project out in a linear fashion and have the client gateway report out from. there is one PLC at each site, but I will not need database access at each site, an HMI will be required at each site. I figured that with this set up I would need 6 ignition edge, and a central gateway license to make a function system. I’m just hoping to get any advice or tips from those who have used ignition before.

Or would it be possible to have only 1 central Ignition gateway and have clients act as HMI’s ?

Check out inductive university if you haven’t already. This should answer a lot of your questions.

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As @dkhayes117 said, check out IU.

That said, if you have network access to each, it should be relatively easy to accomplish. If you do not, you’ll have to develop some sort of solution, but edge could work in that scenario.

The Hub and Spoke Video would imply that I should install a edge panel at each site, and with that I’d be able to open a remote client for each of the sites. and after comparing it to other software that seems pretty standard.

We do have Network access to each site, but the connection is fickle and outages are to be expected for days at a time. In a scenario like that the week store and forward option is a nice feature of the edge solution over doing remote clients. Also I’m vary new in the world of SCADA so feel free to tell me I’m completely wrong at any time!

If you are expecting such outages, consider the Edge Panel version so you can still run one HMI locally while the remote link is down.


Did you figured out how to configure your ignition gateways and central gateway?