Help with speed of report viewer displaying report

The perspective page loads the report very slow, over 70 seconds to load.

Report preview loads in under a second.

Is there a way to get the Perspective page to make the ReportViewer present the report faster?

In named queries:
I have a query that fetches 60 rows in 0.035s.
It receives one parameter, an integer for which machine.

In Reports:
I made 15 query data sources.
Each is the query with a different machine parameter in it.

The report is 5 pages with 3 bar charts per page.
Each bar chart has 60 days listed on the bottom with data for each day in a stacked bar chart.
3D Bars option is checked on all of them.

Report preview loads in under a second.

How big is the report file? How fast is your network?

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How do I measure the size of the report file?

Size data I do have ready:
5 pages, 15 bar charts total, 60 rows of 4 columns for each chart
Width 1224, 792 Height each page -Tabloid - units point
scaling the charts by 0.38 x and 0.38 y to make the charts propagate on the pages

If I print the pdf, the file of that is 19,759kb
The PDF is very slow as well, till it stabilizes after a couple minutes.

In case it would help performance, I attempted with 3D bars unchecked on half of them had no difference in performance.

Still over 70 seconds on the Perspective page.

Network is I think 40mbs, not certain.
I don't really know how to test my speed to specifically the gateway.

Version 8.1.19

I wonder if you're hitting an issue with memory usage in larger reports that was fixed in 8.1.21 (IGN-1810). If the report creation is stressing the available memory on the Gateway, you'll have extra garbage collection (and possible disk thrashing if you're relying on virtual memory) during the report creation, both of which can slow things to a crawl.

I would suggest watching the memory usage on the Gateway while the report is being built and see if that's the case.


I have recently noticed a few times where the memory side is a solidish green wall.

I was not sure how to understand what was being conveyed. Is that related?
Or a totally different thing?

Waiting or Green Wall Concerns
Usually if the green wall is showing, which I think is something to do with the waiting threads, I can refresh that page, and the memory will appear as it normally does.
Typically, I see variations of mostly sawtooth dark blue near half of the memory.

Watching the Memory When Opening the Report
When I open the report page to watch the memory and cpu pulling up my report, cpu goes up as high as 60% and memory seems to go up to about 75% then back down. I think the memory looks kind of normal, or at least has the typical appearance I am used to.

Requested an Update
I made a request to update in the next 6 months to at least 8.1.23 from 8.1.19.
I don't want to make more work, but I also want the report to work smoothly.
I am not sure if my observation is going conclusive for ruling out that I am hitting the memory cap.
I did not observe topping out. I think the highest so far I saw was 12gb/14gb.

What should the memory look like?
My threads seem to always show 70-80 running with 172 waiting. Is there a spot to look at sample data of a good running gateway's performance page for comparison?
Maybe I asked this before, and I think the sawtooth dark blue is normal.

I am researching this in the forum.

How much memory does the server/vm have total? Is there any software other than the Gateway running on the server?

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I have to ask someone above tomorrow.

What is the implication?

Thanks for help me. I appreciate it.

Once the JVM claims memory it doesn't release it, so if say the server only has 16GB of total memory, and Ignition is consuming 12GB of that, and then there are potentially other memory intensive applications running, you can kill your server because the JVM has allocated nearly all of the available memory.

The recommendation is to typically allocate no more than half of the total available memory, and to set up the config so that the full amount of memory is allocated up front.

It is also generally recommended to not run memory heavy applications (Databases, etc..) on the same server.