Help with system.tag.readAll

I need some help replacing system.tag.getTagValues with system.tag.readAll. I cant seem to figure out how to pull out just the value and not the quality. any help would be appreciated. here is my existing script using getTagValues

query = “SELECT displayname, devicename from devices”
tag = event.source.getComponent(‘Dropdown 1’).selectedStringValue

if event.propertyName in [“devices”, “refresh”]:
table = event.source.getComponent(‘Table’)
newData = []
header = [“Displayname”, “Identifier”, “Current Throughput”, “Today’s Throughput”, “devicestate”]
res = system.db.runQuery(query)
tagPaths = []

for row in res:
tagPath = row[1]

   tagPaths.append("%s%s"% (tagPath,tag))

results = system.tag.getTagValuesl(tagPaths)

idx = 0
for row in res:
displayName = row[0]
tagPath = row[1]
newData.append([displayName, tagPath, results[0+idx], results[1+idx], results[2+idx]])
idx += 3 = system.dataset.toDataSet(header, newData)[/code]

You need to reference the value property of the QualifiedValue that is returned. For example, the value of the “ith” item in your results array would be results[i].value.