Hidden Component Properties

It has come to my attention while surfing the threads, that there are lots of hidden properties for components that many designers are using. Are there any lists with all of most of the properties? I have filtered through the User Manual’s Component list and their associated properties, and while it has a decent amount the common ones, it doesn’t have all of them that I have seen on the forum.


Most likely, the properties you’re referring to aren’t explicitly hidden, they’re just inherited. For better of for worse, every graphical element in Java Swing inherits from the base JComponent class, which itself inherits from the even-older AWT’s Component class. Both have a long laundry list of properties, many of which aren’t really applicable in Ignition, unless you’re doing deep customization. Documentation for lower level object properties is available via Javadocs, ie: https://docs.oracle.com/en/java/javase/11/docs/api/java.desktop/javax/swing/JComboBox.html for the class behind the ‘PMIComboBox’, which is the actual underlying Java class for the ‘Dropdown List’ component in Vision.

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