Hide a view or navigation link based on which gateway it is running on

I have a project that runs on an instance of Ignition Edge 8.1. We also copy it to our Enterprise Gateway which runs full Ignition 8.1. The copy on Enterprise allows people to run on a “read only version of the application”. I use EAM to copy from the Edge to Enterprise so whatever is on Enterprise gets overwritten with whatever is running on production at the edge.
So here is my ask; Is there a way for me to hide a view/page based on which gateway it is running on. Since Edge has no SQL connectivity, the Audit screen is useless and I would like to hide it at the local site but the data is copied to SQL at the Enterprise location so the read only copy can actually read the audit database.
I don’t care exactly how I accomplish this. I could hide the page or just hide the link in the navigation. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

You should be able to hide the navigation to the page by binding to the session.props.gateway.address. Barring that I suppose you could bind to the [System]Gateway/SystemName tag as well. I don’t think one is better than the other.

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That was a great suggestion. On the menu tree, I placed an expression that reads the System name and it is visible as long as it is not the name of the Edge Server. If it is the name of the edge gateway server, then it is no longer visible as a menu choice. Thanks again for the great suggestion.