Hide AlarmStatusTable scrollbar

I want to use the Perspective AlarmStatusTable to show only one single alarm in the header.
There are certainly other options to achieve this, but this component is very handy because of its filter options. I use them to determine which alarm is shown in the header.

Unfortunately I can not get rid of the scrollbar. I even created a css class which applies overflow: hidden !important to the component and all sub-elements. In the development tools I can not find one single scroller or element with overflow auto / scroll. Still there is this scrollbar....

Any ideas how to get rid of it?

Are you talking about this?

Seems to be what I want to achieve, yes. (Is this in Perspective?)

How did you get rid of the scrollbar?

If you're ever going to display just one alarm, I'd use system.alarm.queryStatus, which also offers a bunch of filtering options, to display the alarm you want in a custom component.
This will allow a lot more flexibility to make it look exactly like you want.


I had enabled the Pager and set InitialOption to 1 and made Active Time column sort by Descending.

This seems to be the easiest solution. Using the Alarm Table component would be handy for its filter options, but restyling it so that no scrollbar appears seems to be an almost impossible task :frowning:

Just a quick note:

The property is overflow. I assume that's what you meant, but in case your style class did try to apply an override style... it's not going to work :X

That said, I still believe that for one alarm, it's simpler to use queryStatus, which also allows filtering iirc.

Typo.... of course I meant overflow xD