Hide Columns in Reporting Plug-In Table

I have a column selector and a report. I would like to hide the “not selected” columns. How can this be accomplished in the report viewer table?


The column selector only filters the columns of a dataset, as you may already understand.

Unfortunately, the columns that you define on a Report Viewer table are static and do not change dynamically with the dataset to which it is linked.

The upshot of this is that there doesn’t seem to be an “easy” way to dynamically alter which columns are shown in a Report Viewer table.

However, there may be a way to manipulate the Report Viewer table with code. It’ll take some experimentation on my part to possibly come up with a solution. In the mean time, the IA guys may have a trick up their sleeves or know of an easy/obvious way of achieving what you want.


Here’s a simple example of manipulating a Report Viewer table in coordination with a column selector.

It’s not very sophisticated in that it doesn’t change formatting, control column order, change column widths, etc.

If there is additional functionality that you need or desire, let me know and if I have the time I’ll try to figure out a way to do it.
DynamicTableDemo.fwin (23.9 KB)

File no longer found - at least, I could not download it.

Not critical - I was just interested!