Hide Data with *** Symbols

Is there a way to hide data in a table with **** symbols, similarly to when passwords are entered and appear as **** ?
I am storing roster info for calculated rosters in a database. Part of that info is user pin codes for alarm acks, which is what i want to hide. I have a power table polling the data.
I still want to be able to easily manipulate the data from vision, so I cannot just hide the column.

I believe you can set a specific column’s font in a power table. Wingdings font will produce unintelligible text, to get asterisks you would need to get a password font. I have never used anything but out of the box fonts, so i don’t know if/how you can do that.

Welcome to Forums @Dee_Duncan! I would probably hide the actual pin column, and select an additional and separate dummy column used to alter the real column.

select *, '****' as PIN
from rosters_table 

Of course you would be able to see the pin as you type it in though, unless you prompt for a system.gui.passwordBox() onDoubleClick() of the cell and enter it that way.

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Thank you very much!

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It’s an advanced technique, but for fully seamless integration you could use configureCell and configureEditor to return a JPasswordField based renderer/editor.