Hide Easy Chart X Axis label

Hello ,

Easy chart

I have set Chart mode is manual . And Bind the Date Last 1 Hour . I am Trying to Hide The X Axis Label(Date). because it is Occupied Some places.

Any One Have A Idea Please Provide.


I just tried and could hide the whole label but not just the time. It seems it is one object.
I’m not sure other than putting a box over it to hide it.

I’m thinking this might be possible via scripting, I was looking at the Jfreechart docs but I could not find this in particular.

Maybe @Kevin.Herron or @cmallonee might know if there is another way?

Try putting this into the configureChart Extension Function

Thanks @schenk It Is Working :slightly_smiling_face:.

@schenk could you point me in tips to figure that out in future? As reading the documentation didn’t really help me.

Not better but shorter


@jespinmartin1 any tips on how to figure this out. I couldnt find it in the docs or by googling setDisplayDayInTitle

Most of what is possible is in the JFreeChart docs, which the Vision module wraps for its charts.

But there are exceptions, where IA extended some of the JFreeChart classes. As in this case:


In practice, one would print the type() of an object that you encounter in your configureChart method so you can find it in the corresponding docs.

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@pturmel And how would I would go about finding that page? lol. I had trouble finding any links to it. Even after you bestowed it upon me.

This stuff is part of the Module Development SDK. In the online user manual, on the bottom of the left sidebar, is a link to SDK Documentation. In the introduction to the SDK docs, in a right sidebar, are links to the JavaDocs.

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