Hide Error On Time Series

I am wondering if there is a way to hide this error message when a product is not chosen. When the popup loads up, I want the user to choose a product. But if no product is chosen, the error "The statement did not return a result set" occurs. The red error is just ugly.

The most correct answer would be to change whatever unseen thing is ultimately running that query to not run that query before an initial value is populated.

Or maybe use a custom property to run the query (if it's a binding) and an expression binding to only actually display that query result if it has good quality.

The query is a named query on the data binding of both charts.

Within the binding dialog, you should have an option for Overlay Opt-out.

That is what I was looking for thanks

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An alternative I've used is to have a label with "Select product" (or whatever) and toggle the chart's props.position.display with an expression binding something like,

Bind the label's display prop to the ! "not" of the chart display property.