Hide Horizontal scroll bar in perspective

Hi Guys,

Any idea how to hide the Horizontal scroll bar of the table in perspective?


Hide as in make it "not visible" or as in make it so the Table doesn't scroll?

Hide as in make it "not visible".

It's going to require some advanced CSS settings applied via the theming files or stylesheet.css resource ( or maybe a Named Style), but I have to highly recommend against hiding built-in scrollbars. They are an important UI indication of additional content, and hiding them does not remove their functionality.

The table should automatically show/hide the scrollbar based on content. If all of the content cannot fit, the scrollbars will be visible. Why are you trying to hide them?

Client requirement.

May I suggest telling your client this is a terrible, terrible idea ?


Then I suggest making the data that you are going to display fit in the viewable area using column sizing.

Agreed. This sounds like an aesthetic requirement, which could be resolved by either:

  • removing a piece of important UI.
  • adapting the display of the component such that there is no need for the scroll bars in the first place.

Again, I highly recommend against the first option, but this link should get you started. Note that you'll need to adjust the selector in use, and the examples provided by that site might not even work across multiple browser types (chrome, firefox).